Olivia, five, was just 17 months old when she was diagnosed with a massive, inoperable brain tumour which caused her to lose her vision. 

She has been on treatment ever since and is currently undergoing gruelling weekly chemotherapy. 

Olivia relies on her sense of touch to experience her surroundings and this has proved impossible since the start of the pandemic. She also has a reduced immune system which puts her at great risk every day; a common cold could be life-threatening to her.  

But through experiences at Demelza, Olivia is able to enjoy new things and get the most from life. Below, she is pictured enjoying swimming with her family at our hydro pool in Kent with her little sister Imogen.

Olivia and her sister enjoying the hydro pool.

Demelza's hydro pool

Olivia's mum Lisa, said: “The hydro pool at Demelza is an amazing sensory activity for Olivia to enjoy with her mummy, daddy and little sister. She loves every second. Olivia also never stops singing so music therapy brings her a lot of enjoyment. Thank goodness for charities like Demelza who are helping to improve Olivia’s life. It means so much to families like ours who are so limited in the experiences that are available to us.”

Help us support more families like Olivia's

As a charity, Demelza is almost entirely dependent on people like you to provide the funds that keep our services going. 

Please ensure every child and family can depend on us when they need us most. 

Lucy's music therapy

"We look forward to these sessions every week and they are a fun start to our weekends. Being able to connect with other families taking part in music therapy has been a lifeline." - Lucy's mum, Sam, has shared their story.

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Lucy is sitting on her sofa, holding and playing her drum.

Oakley's story

“In a moment your whole world can be turned upside down. This is what happened when our two-year-old son Oakley was diagnosed with Angelman syndrome; a complex genetic disorder that primarily affects the nervous system. Demelza coming into our lives was like a big hug for our family." - Lisa, mum to Oakley

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Oakley sits on his dad's lap, whilst playing with a guitar toy.