Demelza Hydrotherapy
Demelza Hydrotherapy
Demelza Hydrotherapy pool

Care Equipment at Demelza

Here at Demelza we have a wide range of services and activities for our young people with full disabled access. Hoists are available throughout the building, and we also have a fully accessible playground.

Here is just a taster of what else we have on offer…

The cinema room is very popular, offering a great range of movies to choose from including the newest blockbuster releases. The room has lots of comfy chairs and bean bags making for a much more comfortable and personal experience then visiting a local cinema. 

Demelza has the fantastic ‘The Eyegaze’ system in place.  It is an eye-operated communication tool that can also be used to play a variety of games.  ‘TheEyegaze’ system is being introduced around the world to help enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities.  Demelza are proud to offer this to our young people as a tool for communicating in a way they might not normally be able to do so.

The newest welcome addition to Demelza is our ‘Magic Carpet’. The ‘Magic Carpet’ projects interactive games and images onto the floor and users can play with and control the games by simply moving on or over the projected image. There are a variety of settings that can transport young people to a whole new world of surroundings -  they can enjoy sweeping away autumn leaves, watch tropical fish swim around their toes or even fly to the moon and float amongst stars and planets. This is a super piece of equipment that is sure to put smiles on faces.

Alongside our new state of the art equipment, Demelza also have an Xbox One and PS4. There is a fantastic range of games that are updated regularly and if there isn’t a game to suit a certain taste then anyone staying at Demelza is very welcome to bring their own games to play. The PS4 console can also be connected to the internet so users can connect with friends and family, just as they would in their own homes.

Hydrotherapy at Demelza

At Demelza Kent we are extremely fortunate to have an incredible HydroTherapy pool for children, young people and their families to use. This facility is not only available for the children and families staying with us but us, but is also offered to families from across Kent and East Sussex in our Open Family Swim sessions, which are available every Sunday.

From the 1st June to 3rd September 2017, we provided 133 Hydro sessions to children and young people who have been staying at the Kent Hospice on respite.

During this same period, 162 hydro sessions were used on our Open Family Swim sessions (Sunday’s only) by children, young people and families from across Kent and East Sussex.
Want to know more?

If you wish to find out more about our Care Team and our equipment, contact the Care Service Lead on 01795 845216.