Respite care

Round-the-clock care can be physically and emotionally demanding so we provide short breaks for families to take a rest. 

Whether it’s catching up with housework, doing the shopping or having a holiday, families tell us this valuable support enables them to do things they may not ordinarily have the opportunity to do. It also gives parents time to focus on their other children, who can sometimes feel overlooked or isolated.

Demelza provides short breaks for children with terminal conditions if there is an unmet need, giving families the choice to leave their child in a safe environment or to stay overnight too if they wish. Day care and overnight stays at our hospices, Demelza Kent and Demelza SEL, offer children and young people the chance to play together and use tailored therapy services. Short breaks are also provided by Demelza Community across East Sussex in the comfort of the family home.

With supervision of Demelza staff, children and young people can also experience fun activities outside of the home or hospice, which some families may have been unable to do without support.

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