Demelza Older Siblings
Demelza Older Siblings
Demelza Older Siblings
Demelza Older Siblings

Demelza Older Siblings Group

Being a teenager can be tricky.  Having a brother or sister with a life-limiting or life-threatening diagnosis can further complicate this time.  At Demelza we run activities to support some of the social isolation that can be common among siblings.  The Older Siblings group is for young people aged between 10-16 years old, and meets monthly to take part in a range of engagement activities, chosen by the young people. 

Last summer, the siblings camp took place in August at Challenger Troop near Sittingbourne for a week. Young people took part in the camp and engaged in activities including bushcraft, laser tag, archery, camp cooking, fire building, climbing and camouflage and concealment. The feedback from young people and parents was fantastic.

‘My favourite thing was meeting new people and making new friends with people who know how it feels to have a sick sibling’.

‘I did activities out of my comfort zone’

‘My children couldn’t stop talking about camp, it’s clear they learnt new skills as well has had fun’.

In 2018 so far, the activities for young people have included Escape the room interactive game, laser tag, trampolining park, graffiti art workshop and a team challenge day at an activity centre.

The feedback from the activities so far has been exciting, and the young people have shown enthusiasm, growing in confidence throughout these activities.

‘I think the sibling group is a fantastic idea as the children are all in a similar boat and don’t have to explain themselves to anyone’

‘The sibling group allows our young person to have time that is just for her and doesn’t involve doctors or medicines and she’s able to be at complete ease with who she’s with.’

This work will be expanding to include more focused emotional support workshops throughout 2018.  

The Older Siblings is always keen to welcome new members and if anyone would like to know more information then please do contact our Transition/Engagement Support Worker on 01795 845187