Eshan's Story

“It’s actually been life changing. The confidence they’ve given me and given us as a family has really changed how I deal with day-to-day life.”

Eshan’s mum describes Demelza Hospice Care for Children as being like a second home for her family.

There still isn't an overall diagnosis for Eshan, who is tube fed, has a rare form of rickets which has meant over 20 fractures including to his spine, has difficulty with balance, a weak immune system which means a simple infection could be very serious, and suffers from eczema and chronic rhinitis. 

The three-year-old had major neurosurgery to relieve pressure on the brain in 2015. Mum Shara says Demelza helped with his recovery from such high risk surgery, including providing emotional support for the whole family.

Shara says she had never left Eshan anywhere and he used to be petrified of going to new places but since spending time at Demelza SEL he looks forward to going somewhere new.

She explains: “We were referred here when things were really tough at home and I was struggling to just get out of the house. Now I have the confidence to take the children out for the day and the focus isn’t just about Eshan’s needs but on them being children.”

For the family Demelza is an exciting place and somewhere to build memories: “It’s almost like coming to a second home. There’s always so much going on here for them that I know it’s not just a matter of them looking after him, he’s actually being stimulated and having such a good time while he’s here.

“As soon as we mention Demelza to my son or daughter, their faces just light up, they’re just desperate to come down here because they see it as such a fun place to come. For the children as well as for us that’s been the biggest part, all the lovely memories that they have from coming here and that they will have in the future.”

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