Family stories

  • George

    George's Story

    "I wouldn’t be coping as well as I am without family support worker Zoe"

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  • Joshua Demelza Hospice Care for Children

    Joshua's Story

    "Staying at Demelza essentially gave me my family back. We were able to be together and concentrate on just loving ...

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  • Ted thumbnail

    Ted's Story

    “Just knowing someone was there to give me a break was a great help.”

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  • Rhys thumbnail for web

    Rhys' Story

    "Time at Demelza helps build memories. It gives us time to be a family.”

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  • Kendall thumbnail cropped

    Kendall's Story

    “It’s nice for Kendall. She loves playing with the Demelza nurses.”

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  • Hallie - for web thumbnail

    Hallie's Story

    "Hallie loves it at Demelza and it is time for us to spend with her brother, Logan."

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  • Matthew art therapy thumbnail 2

    Matthew's Story

    “It’s something just for him - he comes out relaxed, and it’s given him confidence.”

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  • isabelle_resize_thumb

    Isabelle's Story

    “Knowing she is safe, knowing if something goes wrong someone will call us, that’s how much we trust Demelza.”

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  • jensen_resize_thumb

    Jensen's Story

    “We always feel welcomed like one of the family, even people who have never met Jensen know his name.”

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  • mia_resize_thumb

    Mia's Story

    “We would have had to be in hospital a lot longer if Demelza wasn't here.”

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  • eshan_resize_thumb

    Eshan's Story

    “The confidence they’ve given us as a family has really changed how I deal with day-to-day life.”

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  • thomas_resize_thumb

    Thomas's Story

    “Demelza gave everyone who knew Thomas time to say goodbye. It's definitely a special place.”

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