Facing diagnosis

When a child is born with or develops a serious medical condition for which there may not be a cure, the whole family is affected.

A diagnosis can happen at any point, from before birth to many years after, and be completely unexpected, changing a life and a family forever.  Often no-one can tell you how long your child will live, only that they need constant care. Demelza exists to help these children and their families across East Sussex, Kent and South East London.

Helping families cope with the fear, challenges and complexities of having a child with a terminal condition.
We care for children with a range of different conditions, some of which are very complex and some so rare, they have no name. This means each family situation is unique and many children require specialist, expert care and support.
At Demelza we assess every child’s needs through our referral system and create an individual care plan to help make life just that little bit easier. Our care will be tailored to your family's needs.