At Demelza, we often talk about delivering extraordinary care for extraordinary children – but what do we actually mean by that? We spoke to some of our nursing team to find out more.

Every day is different 

“The work is varied, and it’s really hard to summarise what an average day looks like,” says Senior Registered Nurse Jenna, who has been with Demelza for 17 years and delivers community care in East Sussex.  

“In one day I might: 

  • Undertake competency training with a healthcare assistant. 
  • Meet a family to discuss their child’s increasing health needs and how we can support them. 
  • Deliver a respite session in the community for a child whose complex needs require a nurse. 
  • Work with tertiary palliative care teams and the wider MDT to organise discharge home for a child, including reviewing their symptom control and advanced care plans, writing their drug chart, and organising the out of hours nursing on call rota."


Time to provide personalised care 

“You plan your day around the families and what they need – whatever it is you can do to make the biggest difference to them.” 

This personalised care is prioritised at Demelza, ensuring our nursing team has the time and space they need to get to know the children they care for and cater to their specific needs. This includes a mix of highly-skilled clinical work, alongside play, fun and laughter where possible and appropriate. 

“There’s one child I visit who often has a soak in the hot tub while I’m there, so I’ll do some light physiotherapy in the warm water.” says Jenna. “We might also change a nasogastric tube or a gastrostomy if that’s due to be done, which can save the parents or community nurses a job. It’s about that blend of clinical care and fun that Demelza nurses can bring because we have the time to do it.” 


Continued learning opportunities 

Lorraine, Senior Registered Nurse at Demelza Kent, joined us last year after 26 years in the NHS and shares the skills she’s gained since starting her new role. 

“Demelza is so different to working in other healthcare settings. You’re not only providing acute medical care – you’re also providing holistic support and a stable environment for these families to enjoy. It’s given me opportunities to develop skills I’ve never had before.  

“For example, I’ve really learned how to read non-verbal cues… When you have the time to get to know a child, you can learn what their facial expressions, noises, and gestures mean, even if they can’t talk. I also learned about feeding blended diets through gastrostomies, something I never did in 26 years at the NHS and which terrified me! There’s an amazing willingness at Demelza to welcome new people and to share knowledge and skills.” 

If you’re an experienced nurse looking for their next move, and you want to learn more about extraordinary nursing careers at Demelza, visit our nursing careers page to read more. 

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