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Make it a very Merry Christmas for Demelza Hospice Care for Children and get in the festive spirit by sharing a card.

This beautiful card, designed by four children in our care, can be used within your workplace to spread Christmas cheer and share festive wishes.

Instead of individuals sending separate cards to their colleagues and clients, the card can be displayed in a prominent place and signed by everyone in the workplace. The money that would have been spent on individual Christmas cards can then be donated directly to help the children and families at Demelza.

If you would like a share a card please contact us on 01795 845288 and we will send you a share a card, Gift Aid form and donation box / collection envelope. We also offer an e-card which can be customised to add your company logo.

Please note we can claim Gift Aid from donations from individuals if they are a UK taxpayer. Therefore please don’t forget to post us back your completed Gift Aid form when you pay in your donations; or under separate cover if you pay in online at www.demelza.org.uk/shareacard. If we do not receive the completed forms back, due to legislation we will not be able to claim the Gift Aid. 

Thank you for your support and wishing you a fantastic Christmas.

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