Shopping in charity shops is a great way to promote recycling and be more sustainable.

 Did you know that charity shops are able to reuse or recycle more than 90% of donated clothing? These sustainable principals mean that as a sector we are able to slow-down fast fashion, by providing an affordable alternative. 

Charity shops are more than high street fundraisers; we’re a sustainable way of giving pre-loved items a new lease of life away from landfill. Plus every year our shops raise £2.7 million that helps us to support children and young people with serious or terminal conditions.

We may be recovering from a pandemic, but climate change is still high on the agenda. So we have some top tips for how you can hit the shops and be greener.

Five ways you can hit the shops and go greener:

  1. Carry a reusable shopping bag like a fabulous Demelza tote bag*
  2. Go second-hand first and see what your local charity shop has before hitting the high street for your summer threads
  3. Keep your wardrobes fresh by rotating regularly and finally donating these unworn items back to Demelza or a charity shop in your area
  4. Splurge on quality – Demelza shops are chock-full of fantastic high quality and durable labels, meaning you get a bang for your buck
  5. If you’re donating your old clothes, don’t forget to Gift Aid it. For every pre-loved item we sell, we claim an extra 25% from the tax man 
Two girls are smiling and laughing, hold a sign which reads 'Demelza Style'.

Eco-friendly, sustainable, zero waste – you can’t ignore the huge increase in awareness for living greener lifestyles.

More and more of us have been searching for ways to make positive changes at home and so have we! As a charity we always try to make the best possible choices to improve the way our whole organisation operates in an effort to reduce our environmental impact. Here’s our journey so far...

What is Demelza doing to go greener?

Large green recycling bins.
  • All of our 27 shops are ditching plastic in favour of recyclable paper bags
  • We’re working on taking less trips and shorter journeys in our vans to reduce emissions
  • Our food waste is being composted where possible in the garden
  • We’re working to swap single-use plastics to more sustainable alternatives
  • We’ve fitted nearly 300 solar panels at our Demelza Kent site, saving approximately saving 48 tonnes of CO2 each year
  • We’re doing our bit to reduce energy consumption by turning off unnecessary electrical items and replacing equipment with power-saving alternatives
  • Our organisational cardboard goes to our Maidstone Distribution Centre to be recycled

* Available to purchase in Demelza shops