Avast CEO donates his director's fee to Demelza

17 July 2019

If you’re not an avid reader of the business press, you may have missed the announcement last week that Ondrej Vlcek, recently appointed Chief Executive Officer of Avast, has generously donated 100% of his director's fee to support the work we do at our hospices in Eltham and Kent and across the community in East Sussex. 

Ryan Campbell, Chief Executive at Demelza, said “We are absolutely delighted to receive such a fantastic and generous donation from Ondrej himself – it demonstrates such incredible values of a CEO to do this.  For Demelza this donation comes at a time when children’s hospice funding is under considerable strain.  We are nearly entirely funded by generous donors -  88% of our funding comes from our supporters and we could not offer the specialist care and emotional support to our children with terminal conditions and their loved ones that we do without the generosity of our donors. Thank you so much to Ondrej for this incredibly selfless gesture”.

This donation will go towards helping families like Elliott's (pictured). We are excited that Avast’s support will not end with Ondrej, this ongoing donation is only the beginning of our partnership with Avast in the UK. We will be engaging their staff through fundraising and volunteering activities at their London office as well as utilising Avast’s considerable knowledge and expertise in the safety, protection and products arenas to contribute to potential pro-bono projects for Demelza staff, children and families.