Demelza family opens new shop in Petts Wood

26 April 2019

The 28th addition to Demelza's shop family was officially opened in Petts Wood today. The ribbon was cut this morning by Shannon and her son Royston, from Bromley.  Royston, aged four, attends Demelza Hospice in Eltham, South East London.

The Petts Wood store is a family boutique with fashion for ladies, gents and children. It has a dedicated children’s area and disabled access and changing room.

We have loads of designer gear on sale right now in all of our shops for tiny prices as well as summer and tropical themed recycled and new goods to give as gifts or to treat yourself or garden!

Our charity shops are more than just shops for our charity. Through our up to date styling, our involvement in the life and activities of the communities we’re based in, and the discerning eye we take to shop dressing and stock, we aim to be at the forefront of keeping life and vibrancy on our high streets.

And we’re saving the planet.  All by finding new homes for lovely things, and rehoming your lovely things.  Please do bring your clothes, ornaments, toys, books etc. to us so we can keep these precious items out of landfill.

Of course we can only do all this because of volunteers. They are the life in our shops.  If you would like to join in, please give our volunteer team a call on 1795 845170 or email - they would love to hear from you!