Fundraiser Beth shares her Apprenticeship story for #NAW2019

08 March 2019

Beth Murrell first joined #TeamDemelza through an apprenticeship with our Fundraising department, before earning her permanent role. For National Apprenticeship Week 2019, she kindly shared her story with us. 

"University was not an option for me, so when I finished college I chose to go straight into work. After working abroad for six months and then working in England in a job I didn't really enjoy, I felt it was time for me to find a career. I was worried that being 20 years old with no higher education qualifications was going to set me back before I even began, so I decided to try looking for an apprenticeship.

Finding the right role for me was tough, as I don't much like sitting still! I eventually found something that sounded ideal - an Events Administration Apprentice role at Demelza, which had the balance between office and off site working I was looking for, without the financial worry of tuition fees. 

Undertaking an apprenticeship has allowed me to get into a job and gain experience in a professional environment along with a business administration qualification which will help me on any career path that I choose. Within my role I go to networking events, give talks to community organisations, and act as a local face of Demelza to our supporters. Working and learning at the same time is perfect for me as I gain experience and put everything I'm learning into practice.

The assignments that I completed during the apprenticeship taught me so many new things about business administration that I didn't know before. Along with the business element of my course, I was also able to complete an IT module, which is a really useful skill.

Personally, my biggest challenge during my apprenticeship was managing my time to complete the coursework, so I made sure to set aside time each week to stay on top of my assignments and get my work handed in on time.
My role is now completely different to where I started 18 months ago. I work in the Community Fundraising team, spending more time away from the desk and out meeting local Demelza supporters.

Thinking back to 18 months ago when I first started my apprenticeship, if anyone had told me I would be standing in front of packed school assembly halls and large groups of people to talk about Demelza, I would have run a mile! Now, having completed my apprenticeship and additional training, I feel confident enough to stand up and speak in front of a group.

I would absolutely encourage other young people to try pursuing an apprenticeship, especially anyone who feels uncertain about which path to take, like I once did."

Beth Murrell, Assistant Community Fundraiser