Lucky Superdraw player scoops £25,000 for Christmas

24 December 2018
Demelza Lottery player Nina Buckley received an early Christmas gift today when she picked up a cheque for £25,000, after winning the rollover in Demelza's Superdraw on Friday 7 December.

Nina, who is from Bexleyheath, only signed up to our Lottery and Superdraw very recently along with her mum and sister after meeting Debbie, one of our Lottery Sales Advisers at a Christmas Market in Hall Place, Bexley.

"I had seen Debbie every year with the Demelza Lottery stand but had never stopped by - it was only when my mum stopped and started chatting that I heard Debbie describing what they do at Demelza for all the children, and it sounded lovely, so I thought 'Why not?'.

Little did Nina know that the chance encounter would earn her the incredible sum of £25,000 - in her very first week as a Superdraw player!

'I didn't even think about winning; it hasn't really sunk in yet. I'm still thinking about what to do with the money. Paul Booth, Demelza's Head of Lottery and Gaming, had been ringing me for two weeks but I hadn't gotten around to checking my messages! In the end Paul came to my house to deliver the news in person but it was my brother who  was home. He was shocked when he answered the door. I'm still in shock.'

Despite her excellent stroke of luck, Nina plans to continue playing the Superdraw. "I'd say to anyone who's thinking about signing up - you should definitely do it! The odds are so high, but we didn't really care about the prize. I just saw it as a small gift I could give, so I'll keep playing to support Demelza and the work they do."

If you'd like to join Nina by signing up to our Lottery and Superdraw, you too could be in with a chance of winning - and best of all, you'll helping our vital services to continue for just £1 a week.