An avid cyclist in just 5 years!

24 December 2018
Chis Laming started cycling at the age of 56 in 2013 just a year before the Sittingbourne to Paris cycle. Chris said “my friends and I all went out and bought nice bikes and spent months building out fitness in preparation for the event”. Chris then went on to do another Sittingbourne to Paris, a Sittingbourne to Amsterdam and the London to Brighton Cycle, and now he is looking forward to The Italian Job! 

“When you visit Demelza and see the dedication of everyone who works or volunteers there, visit the wonderful facilities and hear first-hand from the families who depend on the care provided it is easy to want to get involved” said Chris. 

Chris is looking forward to the Italian Job and has been working hard on his training and fundraising, Chris has held quiz nights, curry nights, static bike rides and he uses his Just Giving page. You can take a look at Chris’ Just Giving page, 

Chris’ words of advice are, “when you first start preparing for a major cycling event, you not only have the challenge of building fitness but also the challenge of raising sponsorship. This can seem daunting at first but there are many things that you can do to reach your target!” 

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