"Volunteering with Demelza gives my days a meaningful purpose"

05 December 2018

Collette Chesney began volunteering with Demelza this year. She wanted to share her story with you for #InternationalVolunteerDay

“After becoming a widow back in September 2016, following early retirement back in 2013 with my husband, I found that I now had a lot of time on my hands without that special person by my side. It wasn’t until April 2018 that I felt strong enough to begin to fill my days again, when I decided to email Demelza and found the swift and friendly approach a very positive influence on deciding to apply for a volunteering position.

Not really an office type of person, I applied to help in the kitchen and housekeeping and I was lucky enough to be accepted and thoroughly enjoy every shift. The people at Demelza are so friendly, the children are magical and the whole place has a lovely ambience.

After a while, I felt I would also really like to be involved with the children and so I applied to assist the Care team. Again, I was fortunate enough to be accepted. The children are delightful as are the Care team and it is an honour to volunteer with them. I have since been involved in helping at events and involved with a new pilot project for providing practical support in the children’s homes.

I had never set foot in any hospice before joining Demelza, so I did not quite know how I would feel but I can honestly say I enjoy volunteering there very much. It certainly gives my days a meaningful purpose. My late husband had a very soft spot for Demelza and I think he would be proud.”

We are so grateful to Collette and the hundreds of other volunteers who support Demelza, who we simply couldn't function without. Our 1,000 volunteers gifted us 158,000 hours of their time, saving us an incredible £1.24 million!
If you would like to join Collette and become a volunteer for Demelza, check out our Volunteering page to learn how donating even a little bit of your time could make a big impact, or apply now at http://bttr.im/c35j3