New care at home project is launched

06 August 2018
Demelza has launched a new pilot project which will see children in Kent supported in the family home.

Care@Home was launched in August and involves four families, with children under five, who live close to Demelza’s Kent hospice.  

Children’s Palliative Care Nurse Beth Helen said: “We have found that not all families feel comfortable about coming to a hospice, but they would like our help. Also it can also be easier for families if we go to them rather than them having to pack lots of equipment and bring their child to us.

“Families have told us this is something they would like and we aim to give them a choice in the future. Some will still like to drop their children off and have a much needed break, others like to stay at our hospices as a family and others want support at home.

”In family homes we can provide a range of support, depending on the child and family’s individual needs. We can do a range of activities with children, looking after them while their parents have a break, or support a relative who might not have the confidence to look after the child on their own. We can offer the children new experiences such as art activities, story time, whatever they enjoy.”

The project has received significant funding from global reinsurance firm Swiss Re, but with all Demelza services it will require further and future funding to be rolled out to other families in need. 

The pilot is due to end on October 25 and there will be an on-going review to swiftly build on the successes.