Swale partnership goes from strength to strength

11 May 2017
Demelza has been working in partnership with Swale Heating since 2010 when Swale Heating, as a local Sittingbourne based business, began serving our boilers free of charge at both our Sittingbourne and Eltham Hospice. 

Since then our partnership has done nothing but grow and flourish with Swale Heating going on to add Demelza’s famous clown logo to all of their vans and marketing materials, helping to raise our profile around Kent and South East London. 

Most recently though Swale Heating blew us away with their offer to donate £26,000-worth of their own air-time to us, allowing Demelza our first ever opportunity to advertise on TV. The ad which began airing in February showed during such programmes as The Chase, Judge Rinder and Tipping Point. You can view the age at the top of this page. 

At a wrap party to celebrate the end of the six-week trial run, Demelza CEO Ryan Campbell said: “A massive thank you to Swale Heating for giving us this amazing opportunity. It’s been fantastic for reaching new families and supporters. This is the first time Demelza has advertised on television and we are enormously grateful to Swale Heating.”

Since the first ad aired it has been seen on average 42,000 times per week, achieving a three-fold increase in family self-referrals to Demelza. The advert has allowed us to reach new audiences as well as new families, increasing our profile and allowing everyone out  there to truly see and understand what it is that we do. This is all down to the wonderful support of Swale Heating.  

Following the three month trial period we have now formed an ongoing agreement with Swale Heating, with them continuing to gift approximately £9,000 a month to Demelza for television ad slots. 

We have many more plans in the pipeline too with this big partner, from growing our London Campaign and working together on our social presence. 

Watch this space for more Swale Heating and Demelza news! 

To find out more about Swale Heating check out their website