Today is World Hand Wash Day

05 May 2017
Today is World Hand Wash Day, and to acknowledge it we thought we'd offer you this handy guide as to how you can wash your hands more effectively. 

At Demelza, we have to take hygiene very seriously, and are lucky to have an expert in this very area - our Care Coordinator, Helen Rolls.

Helen has kindly put together this video how-to-guide on the importance of hand washing and how you can do a better job of it in as little as 15 seconds. 

Here are some fun facts for you: 

Germs from flushing the toilet can travel up to 6 feet!
Every time a toilet is flushed and the lid is left up, a fine aerosol mist is sprayed into the air that contains all types of bacteria causing diseases. It can then be inhaled or deposited on your clothes, creating a potential mobile source of infection.

1 in 5 people don’t wash their hands effectively. Sadly of those who do wash their hands, only 30% use soap. It is recommended 15-20 seconds of vigorous handwashing with soap and water to effectively kill germs, but only 5% of people wash their hands for 15seconds or more. The result – faecal matter including bacteria such as E-Coli can be found on just over a quarter of our hands.

Mobile phones are dirtier than you think. Each square inch of your mobile contains roughly 25,000 germs making it one of the filthiest things you can come into contact with on a daily basis.

So check out our video, and please wash your hands regularly to help us keep our work environment as clean from germs as possible.