• Ashford Friends raise £10,000 for Demelza

    by User Not Found | Apr 18, 2017
    Demelza is looking for new supporters - especially in the Ashford area - following the retirement of a sterling bunch of local ladies.

    The Ashford Friends Group has raised £10,000 for the charity in the past four years by holding coffee mornings, cake sales, quizzes and an assortment of other events, including selling quilts and other hand-sewn goods at craft fairs. 

    Their efforts in the past year alone have brought in a much-needed £3,000 for Demelza.

    Now the ladies – led by Eileen Wilson, Hilda Durrant and Joan Dudley (pictured left to right) - are putting away their sewing baskets and needles along with their coffee cups.

    Eileen said: “We have had great fun meeting up to chat and sew and sell things to raise funds for Demelza, but we are not getting any younger and a couple of us have health problems, so we felt now was the right time to stop.”

    Community fundraiser Leila Ilkhan said: “These ladies have been amazing over the past four years – their support has been fantastic.

    “Unfortunately, they are going to leave a big hole in our fundraising in the Ashford area so we would be delighted to welcome anyone on board who would like to help with our fundraising efforts. 

    “We don’t expect them to climb mountains or run marathons – coffee mornings, book sales, bric-a-brac sales, raffles  – all those small events can add up to a big total at the end of the year.”

    If a group of friends – or a workplace group – would like to volunteer to help Demelza in Ashford or any other part of the South East, they should contact Leila on Leila.ilkhan@demelza.org.uk or telephone the fundraising team on 07825 094777
  • Spectacular support from Sunshine Girls

    by User Not Found | Apr 18, 2017
    A group of Dover fundraisers have donated more than £74,000 to Demelza.

    The Sunshine Girls – who started out as a local darts and skittles team - have raised £10,000 for Demelza in the past year – bringing the total raised in 20 years of fundraising to an amazing £74,000!

    The Sunshine Girls, headed up by Cess Crascall, used to meet at the former Churchill’s Club, but since its closure regularly hold fundraising events at The Bull Inn, in Dover’s London Road.

    They also organise coffee mornings, cake sales and weekly raffles and take part in the annual Boxing Day Dip in the English Channel.

    The Sunshine Girls’ support for Demelza began the year the Kent hospice was opened -  in 1998.

    Cess explained: “My husband Robert lost his brother Johnnie to cancer, aged just 42. We could see the hospice for children being built and it was close to home, so we decided it would be a good cause to support.”

    Not content with notching up £74,000, the group is set to continue raising vital funds for Demelza in the coming year. 

    Kirk Bennett, the son in law of one of the Sunshine Girls, is joining the brave 15 taking part in the Demelza Wing Walk on July 1, while some of the other Sunshine Girls intend to walk from Demelza’s Canterbury charity shop to Dover, dressed only in their ‘onesies.’ 

    Cess, her daughter Amy and son-in-law Shep are also hoping to walk the 50 kilometres between Demelza’s Eltham hospice and the Sittingbourne hospice as part of the Demelza ‘Walk this Way’ challenge.

    Community fundraiser Leila Ilkhan said: “This amazing bunch of ladies have been huge supporters of Demelza from the start and there seems to be no end to their stamina and determination to do daring deeds to raise money for us! We are so grateful for their support – it makes such a difference to the lives of our families.”

    If anyone would like to organise their own event in support of Demelza, please contact Leila on 07825 094777.  Details of all Demelza’s other fundraising events can be found here