Students get stuck in for Demelza

13 February 2017

Students from Canterbury College gave up a day of their studies to learn how Demelza helps families facing the loss of a child.

Students from the college’s Media and Communication department decided they would pitch in and help raise some cash for Demelza – as well as awareness of the charity – when they took to the streets of the city with a bucket collection.

On the same day, others volunteered their services in 10 of our charity shops, while others worked in the warehouse, sorting clothes, toys and other donated goods.
More than 100 students were involved in the project, on Wednesday, February 8.

Demelza’s Shops Operations Manager Rachel Stead said: “Volunteers play a key role in the life of Demelza. Without them, we simply couldn’t function and we are always pleased to have a spare pair of hands on board – so 100 pairs for the day were fantastic!

“Our shop managers were nothing but complimentary of the students’ hard work and commitment to helping make the day such a success and several students have asked to register as volunteers. I couldn’t be prouder of our team in trading and of our positive relationship with Canterbury College and the students who absolutely gave their all to support Demelza.”

This is the fourth year the college has supported Demelza on the College Community Day and head of the department Zoran Tesic said: “It’s a great way to help raise funds for Demelza whilst teaching the students some important ‘people’ skills. They learn about teamwork, the value of charitable giving whilst giving them a glimpse of the difficulties some families face."

Digital Design and Games Development students from Canterbury College Media and Communication department have been involved in collaborating with Demelza for the last three years raising almost £8,000 through Games Tournaments. This year, a new event – a Digital Expo - will help not only raise awareness of Demelza but also celebrate the students’ work.

Community fundraiser Leila Ilkhan said: “We are very grateful to the college and all the students who took part. This was a great team effort. If any other schools or colleges would like to follow their example, we’d love to hear from them!”