Volunteers needed

19 December 2016
It’s the time of year when people start making New Year resolutions. So why not start the new year by donating some time for your local children’s hospice?

If you have a few hours to spare in 2017 Demelza is always looking for volunteers to do everything from helping in our charity shops to fundraising to catering.

Volunteers save Demelza over a £1m a year, giving over 150,000 hours.

Lynne Clark, Demelza’s Head of Voluntary Services, said: “We are so grateful for our current team of volunteers, 1,000 people of all ages who give up their time to volunteer for Demelza and we are always looking for more people to help us out. Volunteering is a great way to meet others, develop new skills and have fun.”

Cathy Gundry volunteers on reception at Demelza Kent, also helps out the catering team and at voluntary services and fundraising events. She will also be helping out the care team in the new year.

She said: “I started volunteering for Demelza eight years ago, and it was the best thing I could have done as I have found myself a valued member of the hospice.

“I had just retired, and wanted something constructive to do with my time. I found that Demelza could use the experience I had gained through my working life to both their and my advantage. I would recommend volunteering to anybody.”

To find out more about local volunteering opportunities please email volunteering@demelza.org.uk or click here to see our current vacancies