Duo take on Lake District challenge

27 October 2016
A volunteer and an IT technician are among those taking on an epic challenge for Demelza.

Julie Baker volunteers on reception at Demelza Kent where Ho Kyung works as an IT support technician.

They have both signed up to take on the Demelza 101 challenge in May 2017 in the Lake District. The challenge sees participants either take on a triathlon or a trek to raise funds for the hospice service.

Julie, who lives in Sittingbourne, is taking part in the triathlon which consists of a 2 mile canoe paddle, two cycle challenges and a trek.

She explains why she has signed up: "I am a volunteer at Demelza and have decided to take part in the Demelza Lake District Triathlon.

“For the past year I have been suffering from a chronic illness which led to me having to quit my job and becoming very unfit, sometimes not leaving the house for days on end.

“As I began to recover I felt the need to help other people who were going through tough times and decided to volunteer at Demelza. The benefit I get from being there far outweighs the benefit Demelza get from me and so when this challenge came up I thought "I need to do that" to help with my own recovery and to help raise money and awareness for this wonderful charity.

“I have always wanted to take part in a Triathlon but I am no longer able to run, so this adapted Triathlon was a great opportunity for me to fulfil my ambition whilst helping those wonderful children".

To sponsor Julie go to: www.justgiving.com/Julie-Baker15

Ho, from Canterbury, has worked at Demelza for a year and is doing the trek up Scafell Pike.

He said: “I wanted to work for Demelza because there are very few things that get me worked up, but issues affecting children in general and child welfare specifically is definitely one of those. Having landed a job here, I am just aware that I rarely have a direct impact on the experience the children have while using our services so I figure volunteering in events, and in this case participating, is the next best thing – raising some money so we can keep on providing this amazing service to the children and their families.”

You can sponsor him here: www.justgiving.com/Ho-Kyung-Demelza101

Inspired by Julie and Ho? Find out more or sign up to the Demelza 101 here