Monkey moves make money for #TeamDemelza

22 August 2016

Internet prankster Lee Marshall – also known as Discoboy – has released a charity single to raise funds for the vital work of Demelza.

Lee, from Kent, who has a following of more than 185,000 fans on Facebook, has released a You Tube video to coincide with the release of his dance hit single ‘The Monkey Move’ – a dance move and song for children.

Lee, who created the Monkey Move in 2015, hopes the single will be an internet sensation and raise loads of money for Demelza, says: “There has not been a single like this since the Cha Cha Slide and Macarena.

“The song features a simple but entertaining dance move that young children will love.”
The social media celebrity is best known for springing street pranks on unsuspecting members of the public but said: “This is something for the kids and done in order to help raise money for the seriously ill children in Demelza’s care.”

Lee and his team have already been spotted on the streets of Maidstone and Canterbury rehearsing the catchy dance routine.

He is hoping to get radio and TV support for the single and he hopes the video will go viral.   All proceeds will go to Demelza.

The single is now on sale from all digital stores including iTUNES, Amazon MP3, Spotify and Apple Music.