Photographer works with children to create unique artwork

13 June 2016
An international photographer has been working with children at Demelza to create a unique piece of art for the reception area.

Jan von Holleben spent three days photographing babies and young people at Demelza Kent in Sittingbourne.

Over 20 children aged from eight months to 17 years took part in the project. Each young person chose something they would like to be from a dragon to superman or a policeman.

The finished artwork entailed Playground Paradise shows the children with a superimposed addition such as wings or a platform of some sort.

Demelza Art Therapist Josie Mahoney said: “This represents our motto `it’s about life’. It’s about children being free, away from their wheelchairs. The image shows them having fun and enjoying life.

“It gives families the opportunity to have photographs they would not normally have. And for our children who are disabled a chance to engage in an activity they wouldn’t normally do.”