Eleven-year-old cycles for charity which supports his family

06 May 2016
An eleven-year-old boy whose brother has support from Demelza has done a bike ride to raise money for the charity.

Louie Houghton from Orpington raised over £500 with the 17.5k cycle ride at Gravesend cyclopark.

Louie said: “There were these other people in my class doing something for charity so I suggested to my friends we should do something. Five people from my school did it.”

“I was only supposed to do 10k but I ended up doing 17.5k.”

“I wanted to do it for Demelza because they had helped me so I thought I should help them back.

“It’s a good place to stay when you need help.”

His brother Danny, 15, has Quadriplegic cerebral palsy and can’t do anything unaided.

Danny can sometimes have seizures at night so the whole family mum Kerry, dad Darren, Louie, Danny and younger brother Jody all come to Demelza Kent in Sittingbourne for a break.

Louie explains what Demelza means to him: “It’s fun. I’ve made lots of friends and they know what it’s like because they are in the same situation.”

“You don’t get bored. I play on the Xbox, we watch movies.

“I’ve also been on a climbing trip.

“Danny can relax at Demelza. He likes the swimming pool quite a lot. Sometimes we just go there to go swimming.”

Mum Kerry adds: “It’s the only chance we can go swimming as a family now Danny’s bigger. It’s changing him that’s the problem.”

“It’s nice to have a break even just to have a break from measuring out the medicines. When we go out for the day to not have to worry about things. I have the best sleep when we stay at Demelza.

“We all go as a family and use it as a base to go out for the day.
“It was nothing like I imagined. I didn’t realise it was used for respite. It’s such a happy environment. It’s just nice to have that back up.”