Art attack: Find out more about our art therapy

07 March 2016

Rachel - artist in residence (resized)Demelza offers Honorary Artist in Residence placements for those wanting to pursue a career in art therapy.

They work alongside our Art Therapist organising creative activities for the children and young people on a voluntary basis for six months.

We currently have an Artist in Residence at Demelza SEL and one at Demelza Kent.

Rachel Turner who works at Demelza SEL (pictured above) says: “I attend the hospice weekly, designing activities based on themes that the staff have planned for the week. These sessions have resulted in children making elephants out of milk bottles for a jungle theme, creating a fox and badger to join the Autumn tree and aeroplanes for a travel week. The children have enjoyed these activities especially feeling the different textures of the materials used, therefore it has become a priority that each activity I plan can be adaptable for each child to enhance their sensory experience.” 

She added: “I enjoy all aspects of my role at Demelza especially seeing the children’s reactions when working with the art materials. I hope to continue the work at Demelza, which is giving me good experience to pursue training in Art Therapy.”

Fiona Willis is our Artist in Residence at Demelza Kent (pictured top).

She says: “I have a degree in Visual Art and Design and would one day like to train in Art Therapy. Becoming Demelza’s Artist in Residence has enabled me to gain valuable experience working with the children and tutoring from an experienced Art Therapist.  

“I try to match creative activities with a child’s individual needs, so no day is ever the same. Because some of the children have limited mobility, vision or hearing, sensory materials are very important in my work and offer a whole new dimension to creative crafts.  Seeing the children enjoying making art and being a part of their experience is such a privilege and something which is truly invaluable to me.”