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Eco-friendly, sustainable, zero waste – you can’t ignore the huge increase in awareness for living greener lifestyles. More and more of us have been searching for ways to make positive changes at home and so have we! As a charity we always try to make the best possible choices to improve the way our whole organisation operates in an effort to reduce our environmental impact. Here’s our journey so far...


  • All of our 27 shops are ditching plastic in favour of recyclable paper bags
  • We’re working on taking less trips and shorter journeys in our vans to reduce emissions
  • Our food waste is being composted where possible in the garden
  • We’re working to swap single-use plastics to more sustainable alternatives
  • Later this year we’ll be fitting solar panels at our hospice in Kent
  • We’re doing our bit to reduce energy consumption by turning off unnecessary electrical items and replacing equipment with power-saving alternatives
  • Our organisational cardboard goes to the distribution centre to be recycled

Did you know?

  • Every week 11 million items of clothing end up in landfill across the UK (1)
  • It takes 2,700 litres of water to manufacture just one cotton shirt (2)
  • Demelza can actually earn money from recycling all kinds of waste items we can’t sell, including electronics, clothing and more
  • In 2018, 377,000 tonnes of textiles alone were kept out of landfill as a result of charity retail in the UK (3)
  • The fashion industry causes 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions (4)


    Five ways supporting Demelza can help you be eco-friendlier:

    1. Carry a reusable shopping bag like a fabulous Demelza tote*
    2. Donate your unwanted goods for us to sell or recycle – see a full list at here
    3. Need some new pieces for your Autumn wardrobe? Say no to fast fashion and buy quality pre-loved items in our shops
    4. Call our furniture collection line on 01795 503110 to find a new loving home for your old pieces, or buy something else and upcycle it
    5. Buy a re-usable coffee cup like our eco-friendly bamboo one*

    Psst! Look out for Dotty’s Green Spot on social media to see what else we’re doing to reduce our impact!

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    *available to purchase in Demelza shops


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    2. National Geographic
    3. Charity Retail Association
    4. Ellen MacArthur Foundation